The Naruto Group

About Us

This is me Kiba(Keith) in my group and you really don't want to piss me off cause I'll tear your ass up. 

 This is my friend choji(Jon) he's a fun person to be around and can get you to laugh really hard if he trys. He is almost always found eating and well he's pretty fucking Bad-ass when pissed. 

This beautiful girl is Ino(Jeni) one of my closest friends.  She can be a real cock tease at times and is dating Choji(Jon). She is also my ex but we don't let that stand in the way of our Friendship.

This unlikely fellow here is Hidan(Brandon)  he is also a very close friend of mine and is my cousin. He will stop at nothing to make you laugh or inflict Pain upon you and I'm the only one who can calm him down. He also acts as my bodygaurd when needed.

 This Hyper punk is Rock Lee(William) he is close friends to Hidan(Brandon) and is starting to grow on me a little. He is funny and can get very annoying if you have a short attention span.

This is my good friend Hinata(Sasha). I've known her for about a year or two now and we have been really close. If I ever have a problem I can go to her and she will help me with it. But she is worse than Choji if you piss her off. She is also currently dating my friend Sasuke.

This is Sasuke(Toni) I can't really tell you much about him except that he likes Anime, Manga,  Slipknot, And Hina(Sasha). And he can kick your ass in Martial arts.

This is my funny perverted friend Jiraiya(Merle). This is one of the funniest people I've ever met aand will get you to laugh if you're down. He is also one of the most perverted people you'll ever meet you can't even say "I'll" around him or he'll make perverted somehow. He also likes to write "research".

This is Zetsu(Chris) this guy can show you how to have a good time*Wink, Wink*. He is another one of my close friends and is one of the coolest people I've met and will pick up your mood if your down. He is cuurently Dating Temari(Jade). They have been going out for Four Years and I don't think anything can seperate them. He is also Kick-Ass at Guitar.

This is Temari(Jade) She is one of the quietest people I know but is pretty cool to hang around and when she talks you are likely to have pretty cool conversations with her. She doesn't really get mad a whole lot and is easy to emabarrass. She is pretty cool at times to and might be moving which sucks so We'll miss you Tema.

This is my good pal Iruka(Bruce) he is a cool guy to hang around and will almost always find something to talk about. His only problem is that he is easily angered.  He is also Dating Tenten (Jeanette).

This is another one of my good freinds in the group Tenten(Jeanette). She is a great person to hang around and has a great personality. Just be forwarned she is a MAJOR COCK TEASE.  She is also good at solving problems. She can find almost anyway to solve your big problem. Also as you know she is dating Iruka(Bruce).

 This is Anko(Amanada). She is one of the funniest, smartest, coolest people I've met next to Hina(Sasha) that is she is a pretty cool girl.  She will get you to laugh about the stupidest of things and is very Random.  She is also a major flirt and will joke about any kind of sexual refrence.

This Kurenai(Kristen) she is a very cool girl to be around.  She will try to get you to laugh about anything taht she can and is very Bubbly.  She is a very close friend of Ino's(Jeni) and they are basically so close that they consider each other sisters. She calls me her bubby but I don't really go with it. 

This is one of my other good friends Shikamaru(Matthew).  He is a fucking hilarious person. He is also really good friends with Choji(Jon). But don't piss this fucker off. 

This is Tobi(Gerald) he is pretty cool person to be around and is pretty fucking Bad-Ass. This guy can kick your ass silly if he has to. This is one kid who can make you really laugh at any racist joke.   

This Is Kakashi(Joey) well let's just say he is pretty cool and can get even more annoying than Rock Lee(William).  But if you want to talk about someone who loves to read Jaraiya's(Merle) research talk to him he is dating no one.


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